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Hello dears, my name is Craciun Cristina, I am 24 years old and I've been using doterra essential oils for about 4 years.

I want to present you my story in short, how I came to use em and what oily experiences I have had so far.


I started reading a lot of experiences about essential oils and how they could support my body. I was reading a lot of posts on facebook and I was not thinking it is real.. I was in total denial.. and since life lead all of us where we might be with lessons that we have to take, I went through a very hectic period in my life that turned into depression and ....

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Mari S.

I want to thank you Cristina for the opportunity you gave me to enter the world of doTerra essential oils, which opened a new perspective on my life and health. It is exactly what I was looking for at a time in my life when my health was not shining, given the stressful global situation. Entering the world of essential oils has given me full health, appetite for life and plans for the future that I never thought I would have.

Thanks again and good luck in life!


Hello! My name's Theodor. For me, as a boy, the process of integrating oils into my life was a little more difficult because let's be serious.. how could an oil treat me? Starting from the idea that sunflower oil appeared in my diet daily, I should have never caught a cold again, right? Well, time has passed, experiences have come and now after 5 years I am 100% satisfied with the oils' capabilities. The most miraculous thing for me personally was that at the moment I am writing this it has already been 4 years in which I have not cool once (waw). In addition to the hangover that my girlfriend forcibly removed with her oils, I also managed to deal with a sprain that went away in 3 days by abusing deepblue + many other oils (on guard, wintergreen, peppermint, rose).

Vasilica C.

I haven't been big on essential oils and haven't used them every day, but I have to give them a go. They do their job. I usually use Wild Orange in my diffuser and it helps me relax and destress while writing assignments. Cristina is the one who pushed me to try some oils when I was having period pain and they significantly helped me.

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