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My story

Hello dears, my name is Craciun Cristina, I am 23 years old and I've been using doterra essential oils for about 3 years.

I want to present you my story in short, how I came to use em and what oily experiences I have had so far.

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I started reading a lot of experiences about essential oils and how they could support my body. I was reading a lot of posts on facebook and I was not thinking it is real.. I was in total denial.. and since life lead all of us where we might be with lessons that we have to take, I went through a very hectic period in my life that turned into depression and panic attacks.I didn't knew why, where and because of what I had these emotional states.

And the surprise was that after about 2 months I read a post on a fixed group about depression and panic attacks... I say ok.. I have to try it too! So I asked my upline to give me an order of an oil that would be suitable for me... of course I didn't tell her that I have depression and panic attacks... I was afraid of being judged, so I said .. something for concentration..

The oil has arrived, InTune roll on (you've probably heard of it)

And pull Cristina all the oil on you .. pulse areas, wrists, forehead, neck, projection of the heart... I finished that 10ml bottle in about 2 weeks... and of course at the same time I also looked for the emotional cause

When I was reading, click after click came, aha after aha and the panic attacks became less frequent, I was much better emotionally and one fine day I realized that it disappeared... the depressive state disappeared... the negative thoughts, the panic attacks disappeared.

After months, I realized that I no longer resembled that me from the past.. that depression had its role in my life to wake me up a little..

Meantime, I had also created an account, although my parents were very skeptical, I was in college... they didn't want to give me money (because I don't think I tell them about the benefits of oils) to buy my home essentials kit... so I found a way to go to a part-time job to earn money for the kit. Since then, my LRP (loyalty order) been processed monthly, (by the way, it's really nice to get 30% of your order back in points every month) I use citrus , frankincense, LLVs every day, I put all kinds of combinations in the diffuser... it depends what mood I have on that day.

Now I have a constant state of well-being and I maintain it daily through aromatherapy and doterra supplements.

And as I told my family that they were very skeptical, I convinced them... with many results seen on their behalf. So experiment and don't wait until you feel bad to use them, surely we all go through various states every day and we need support.. both emotional and physical.

And if we take care of our soul, of our inner state of well-being, surely the physical is also well!

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